I'm Catherine Greer. I lived in Canada for the first half of my life, and grew up in the country in Saskatchewan as the youngest of six siblings. I went to a private co-ed boarding school, earned a BA Honours and a Master’s degree in English literature, worked as a technical writer, then taught English at a private high school on Vancouver Island.

Then I met a handsome naval officer, married him, and immigrated to Australia. Now I live in Sydney with my family. We have two teenage sons and a shih tzu who is both adorable and a character in my debut novel.

Love Lie Repeat (Penguin Books) is out in March 2019. I love Young Adult books and I’m beyond excited to see if readers connect with the girls and mothers in my novel. Love Lie Repeat is about the pressure to be perfect…and three beautiful teenagers who can’t be, no matter how hard they try. It’s a thriller, a psychological family drama, and a page turner. You can pre-order here.

I spend my days writing — mostly novels, sometimes copywriting for corporate clients, and I write weekly posts for my Happiness Blog. I published my debut picture book, Jacaranda Snow, in October 2018, a growth mindset book for kids. I also teach an online course, helping beginners write their first novels.

I love people, coffee, our puppy and long talks with my husband. I’m a serial baker, I read in bed every night and I always wear perfume. I would invite a table full of teenagers over to talk any day of the week, and I’d give them all my famous chocolate cake if I could.

What next? I’m finishing my second novel and planning a non-fiction book around the themes I explore in my Happiness Blog.

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